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FP&A Best Practices Webinar for Software companies

Adaptive Planning

Now that you've completed your 2011 budgeting cycle, it's the perfect time to re-evaluate the performance of your FP&A processes. With some fine tuning, you can have a big impact on your company's 2011 performance. Are you getting as much as you can out of your budgeting, forecasting, monthly reporting, and what-if analysis? Are they integrated, aligned, and collaborative? Do they help your company drive revenue and outperform your competitors? 

As you look back at the past year:            

  • Did you have a real-time view of your performance against key operating and financial metrics, such as MRR, CAC, DSOs, cash, and productivity?  
  • Were monthly variance reports and analysis efficient -- and high value?  
  • Could you quickly conduct thorough what-if analysis -- e.g., of sales hires on bookings, revenue, cash, and marketing spend? 
  • Were business managers actively engaged in all processes -- budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and analysis?  
  • Did FP&A make a significant contribution to company strategy and revenue growth?  
View this informative webinar and learn how easy it can be to move beyond spreadsheets and deliver FP&A best practices that create exceptional value. This event will feature real-world case studies from software companies that have fundamentally transformed their planning and reporting.

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Published:  Apr 18, 2011
Type:  Webinar