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Migrating To Sharepoint 2010? - Ten Things I've Learned the Hard Way (So You Don't Have To)

By: Idera

SharePoint 2007 was big, and SharePoint 2010 shows every sign of being even bigger. However, there is one stumbling block on the way to SharePoint 2010 nirvana... upgrading.

SharePoint 2007 has treated us well, but getting our content out of SharePoint 2007 and into SharePoint 2010 can be difficult depending on how extensively we used SharePoint 2007. The out-of-the-box upgrade and migration tools in SharePoint 2010 are very good and have addressed a lot of the issues that were present when upgrading from SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2007. However, administrators and users have a funny way of bending products in ways the creators didn’t intend, and SharePoint is no exception. If you were an early adopter of SharePoint 2007, or a very creative user, you could find yourself with a SharePoint 2007 farm that won’t exactly upgrade to SharePoint 2010 gracefully.

In this white paper, Todd Klindt, SharePoint MVP, covers ten of the common difficulties he's seen when upgrading content to SharePoint 2010 and offers solutions where there are any. By reading this paper, you will gain a better idea of the difficult spots that await you when you decide to tackle the upgrade and migration beast.

Tags : idera, sharepoint, migration, upgrade, monitor, customization, metadata, populating
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Published:  Jun 21, 2011
Length:  14
Type:  White Paper