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A single, secure solution for document-sharing, web meetings, social business and more

Central Desktop

Central Desktop is the ideal collaboration software for technology companies looking for a secure, powerful solution that will reduce costs, enhance team collaboration and improve project management.

Benefits of Central Desktop for IT teams include:

  • Keep documentation up-to-date and remove the barriers and excuses plaguing documentation

  • Share files and use versioning control , create firmware repositories

  • Link sharing and commenting to aid in brainstorming and technical evaluation of new technologies

  • SSO makes it easy to deploy company-wide and build into existing provisioning processes

  • Keep internal business units from using unapproved, non secure services for sharing documents online and internally

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    Tags : social collaboration, online collaboration, collaboration software, team collaboration, sharepoint alternative, project collaboration, online team collaboration, online project management
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    Published:  Aug 05, 2011
    Type:  Webinar