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Emerging Opportunities in B2B e-Commerce-Part Two: How to Capitalize on B2B

Rainmaker Systems Inc.

"There is no difference between B2C and B2B e-commerce." How many times have we heard that all e-commerce is the same?

In B2B e-commerce the mechanics are complex, requiring frequent iterative adjustments as technical specifications, end-user goals, and multiple stakeholders participate in the process. B2B e-commerce does not advance in a straight line, but as a web of inter-connected decision points.

This successful on-demand webinar will discuss:

  • The hierarchy of benefits that B2B e-commerce offers in contrast to B2C e-commerce
  • How B2B e-commerce fits into the total marketing mix and effects marketing strategies
  • Differences in complexity, sales commitment, decision-makers, technical specifications, length of sales cycle, and channel conflict for B2B vs. B2C e-commerce.

Tags : rainmaker, marketing, b2b, e-commerce, crm, end-user goals, customer experience, crm solutions/software
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Published:  Jan 13, 2012
Type:  Webinar