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Reduce Your Costs: Eliminate Critical Security Vulnerabilities with Development Testing


Security breaches make headline news and cost companies millions in lost revenue, brand damage and can destroy customer trust.  And the risks are magnified as more companies include third party code in their products because that code is not tested for security vulnerabilities with the same level of rigor as in housed developed code.

Traditional approaches to security testing are no longer sufficient. For too many organizations, security is left to an isolated security audit team with limited resources and is conducted at the end of the software development lifecycle. And the later the issues are raised in the lifecycle, the more expensive and time consuming they are to address.

To properly address security issues early in the development lifecycle, developers need an automated approach for identifying defects. Automated code testing via static analysis provides developers with an automated solution for code assurance. It enables them to test for security, quality and safety defects as the code is being developed to mitigate cost and risk. To maximize efficiencies, developers need to manage security and quality defects as the code is being written and as part of their existing development and triage workflows

Download now the complete paper to learn how you can empower your developers to manage security risks during development.

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Published:  Apr 20, 2012
Length:  7
Type:  White Paper