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The ROI of Cloud Apps - Forrester Research Inc. Uncovers Long-Term Value in Cloud Apps

By: Box

The  nature  of  how  business  is  conducted  and  organizations  function  is  rapidly  evolving,  as  a  result  of   fundamental  changes  in  demographic,  technological,  and  economic  realities.  Workers  are   increasingly  Web  savvy;  they  use  and  like  consumer  Web  2.0  collaboration  applications  on  the   public  Internet  and  are  expecting  and  demanding  similar  software  user  experiences  in  the   enterprise.  Enterprises  themselves  are  changing.  Organizations  are  more  networked,  internally  and  with  other   entities,  as  a  result  of  improvements  in  computing  networks,  globalization,  and  an  increasingly   mobile  workforce. All the while, IT  department  budgets  have  shrunk  during  the  current   recession,  forcing  IT  staff  to  tackle  an  ever-­growing  list  of  corporate  computing  requirements  and   projects  with  fewer  human  resources.   These  challenges  are  driving  organizations  and  their  workers  to  think  differently  and  to  seek  new   content  management  strategies  and  solutions  that  complement  existing  content  management   systems.  Continuing  to  manage  and  share  content  solely  with  "yesterday's  logic"  is  not  a  viable   option.  One  promising  approach  is  Cloud  Content  Management. 

This  Gilbane  Group  Beacon  examines  how  large-­scale  trends  are  changing  enterprise  collaboration   and  content  sharing  requirements  and  expectations.  It  defines  Cloud  Content  Management,  an   emerging  set  of  content  management  practices  and  a  category  of  software  that  supports  those   practices.  Lastly,  it  demonstrates  how  Cloud  Content  Management  is  a  value-­adding  complement  to   Enterprise  Content  Management  today  and  has  the  potential  to  expand  its  ability  to  control  the   sharing  of  content  more  tightly  in  the  future. 

Tags : cloud, content management, active control, collaboration, sharing, content sharing, free online storage, online storage
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Published:  May 31, 2012
Length:  10
Type:  White Paper