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Stopping the Adobe, Apple and Java Software Updater Insanity


Horror movies are so cliché. Perhaps a new sub-genre devoted to the horde of software updaters you find on each PC would be much more compelling. It’s out of control today. As soon as Microsoft got their act together on security updates, the bad guys turned to third party apps. It’s bad enough for consumers (who are fed up - just google “software update HEdoublehockiesticks”) let alone enterprises. When you have a lot of PCs and they all try to download a 100mb update at the same time, your network will suffer. To say nothing of the lack of control you have over whether users prevent important updates from being installed. In this age of APTs you can’t leave a single PC unpatched and vulnerable.

In this on-demand webcast, Randy Franklin Smith from Ultimate Windows Security will deal with this whole topic. He will share tips and caveats for dealing with the most common software updaters from Adobe, Apple and Oracle. But the bottom line is that we need centralized patch management and he’ll explore the important requirements and architectural issues you should be aware of in this space. Russ Ernst is a software update expert; his team at Lumension eat, sleep and breath software updates because they have package them all up and make them reliably deploy via their Patch and Remediation solution.

Tags : software updates, security, patch, network security, patch management, remediation solutions
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Published:  Jan 22, 2013
Type:  Webinar