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Keeping Bot Herders Off Your Servers and Breaking the Lateral Kill Chain of Today's Attackers


When it comes to malware we usually think of workstations and laptops because they are the systems rubbing shoulders with the unwashed masses on the Internet. They are the systems in the hands of clueless end-users (aka “losers” by some of my less reverent colleagues). They are the systems running applications that download, parse and process file formats targeted by attackers such as Office documents, PDFs and image files.

Conventional wisdom says on the other hand that servers are much more isolated from the Internet. Also, servers are in the hands of security-conscious IT pros who refrain from dangerous activities like web browsing, file downloads or opening email. Even that servers don’t have dangerous applications like Office, Adobe Reader, Flash and other workstation applications installed.

In this webinar, Randy Franklin Smith (Ultimate Windows Security) shows how application control is an important defense-in-depth measure that can provide detection and prevention of late-stage APT attacks.

Tags : endpoint management, security, compliance, patch management, file integrity monitoring, device control, detection, apt attacks
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Published:  Jan 22, 2013
Type:  Webinar