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Q&A with Inspirusí Vice President of Client Success and Engagement Solutions, Theresa Harkins


What are some of the ways in which employers are using benefits today to drive greater employee engagement?

Providing benefits isnít just about employee engagement. Employees are the foundation of your culture, and benefits are
an important part of a rich workplace experience that encourages the development of a high-performing organization.
Employers that provide a strong employee experience typically do most or all of the following:

  • Align benefits with the needs of your people. For example, with so many generations in the workforce, organizations need to provide and value a broader set of benefits.
  • Clearly communicate benefits and make them easy to use. Research from SHRM indicated that just 14 percent of employees were very knowledgeable about their employer-provided benefits.
  • Recognize healthy behaviors. Although weight loss or step challenges are popular, be aware that some employees prefer to take on challenges more privately. Activities such as regular preventive visits and encouraging recognition for everyday healthy choices can be more effective and increase engagement.
  • Create a sustaining culture of health. Employees drive culture, so employee buy-in is critical for any benefit to be successful. Companies need to make sure they regularly evaluate their benefits mix to maximize its impact on employees.

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Published:  Oct 04, 2017
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Type:  White Paper