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Employee Engagement: Getting a Complete Picture of the Employee Experience


Many companies in HR technology claim to affect engagement ó and many of them do! But most only touch one or two pieces of the engagement puzzle, and itís tough to get a complete picture of how youíre affecting the entire employee experience.

Think about the highlights of your work experiences for a moment. Maybe you won employee of the month. Maybe you hit a big goal and your team had a party to celebrate. Or maybe your team threw a baby shower or took a moment to appreciate the 10 years you spent growing with your company. You might consider those moments as you think about your work experiences, but you probably consider a number of other moments as well.

The employee experience isnít just one thing ó itís the sum of many different experiences across our relationships, our work, our personalities, and our lives. Making the connection to the individual is critical for success.

When we look at how we make an impact on engagement, we canít just look at one or two things; we have to consider everything that engages people and affects culture for the better.

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Published:  Oct 04, 2017
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Type:  White Paper