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Your Hidden Quality-Of-Information Problems: What you don't know can hurt you


Ironically, the most important business decisions are too often based not on the best available data and analysis, but on the judgment calls of HIPPOs ó the highest-paid people in the organization. In large part, these individuals became HIPPOs in the first place because, over the course of their professional careers, their intuition and gut feel has tended to be more right than wrong.

This approach may have sufficed in simpler, slower-moving times. But modern enterprises are too connected and too fast-paced for important business decisions to be made strictly on individual intuition and gut feel. For better-informed decision-making, your organizationís decision-makers need timely access to information they can rely on.

Tags : hippo, ibm, decision-makers, modern enterprise
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Published:  Nov 03, 2017
Type:  White Paper