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Content as King: Why Great Video Content is the Key to Unlocking Hearts and Minds

By: Oath

Everyone knows that content is crucial to attract, engage, and reach consumers. But while this may be true, it’s important to consider the medium involved. Right now, the format to beat is clearly video, with 51% of brands investing more in 2018 than the year prior.1 And with so many forms of video available, such as content, programmatic, and pre-roll, it’s important to understand how to use video for building both brand connections and direct response.

Currently, video provides advertisers with a versatile medium to
reach the audiences they want, where they want, to put the best
spotlight on their story. But the question remains—what is the
best way to reach your target, and how can you ensure they will
pay attention to your message? Download this whitepaper to find out!

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Published:  Mar 16, 2018
Length:  13
Type:  White Paper