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Embracing Continuous Planning: Time to move from Annual Budgets to Rolling Forecasts


Do your plans and forecasts need a reality check?

The quality of your strategic decisions is only as good as the quality of your forecasts. And forecasts are only good if they reflect current reality—not the reality of two, three or more quarters ago. Enter “continuous planning.” With a methodology for forecasting at frequent intervals throughout the year, continuous planning “enables managers to see trends, patterns, and ‘breaks in the curve’ long before their competitors, and thus make better informed decisions regarding products and markets.”

In this free online webinar, speakers Jim Collins & Guy Jones will explain how continuous planning keeps you in touch with current reality - and one step ahead of competitors.

Jim Collins, Performance Management Strategy Executive, IBM

Guy Jones, Worldwide Technical Sales Executive, IBM Performance Management,

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Published:  Jul 16, 2018
Type:  Webinar