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To PostgreSQL & Beyond: The Definitive Guide to Deploying PostgreSQL in Various Environments


This eBook offers a practical hands-on guide to deploying, managing and scaling PostgreSQL in various environments, in the public cloud and on-premises.

With the ongoing shift towards open-source database solutions, itís no surprise that PostgreSQL is the fastest growing database. While itís tempting to simply compare the licensing costs of proprietary systems against that of open source, it is both a misleading and incorrect approach when evaluating the potential for return on investment of a database technology migration.

The eBook provides a detailed analysis of planning, day-one, and day-two challenges of PostgreSQL deployments, in the context of potential operating environments:

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Private DC (bare metal / VM)

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Published:  Feb 01, 2019
Length:  24
Type:  White Paper