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(ISC)2 Webinar: Why Should I Care About SSL/TLS?


We’ve arrived at the second anniversary of the Equifax breach and we now know much more about what happened due to the August 2018 release of the GAO Report. New information came out of that report that was not well-understood at the time of the breach. For example, did you know that while Equifax used a tool for network layer decryption, they had certificates nine months out of date? This lapse gave the threat actors all the time they needed to break in and exfiltrate reams of personal data. As soon as Equifax updated the certs on their decryption tools, they began to realize what happened.

On the heels of the Equifax breach, we are reminded of the importance of efficient decryption for effective threat detection. That’s more important than ever today; Ponemon Institute reports that 50% of all malware attacks utilize encryption. 
During this webinar, we’ll talk about: 

- How TLS/SSL encryption has become a threat vector

- Why decryption is essential to security and how to effectively perform detection 

- How to make sure your detection tools are working at their greatest capacity without the latency introduced by decryption

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Published:  Sep 03, 2019
Type:  White Paper