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By: Aquire     Published Date: Oct 07, 2011
Gain a clear understanding of what workforce analytics are and how they are integral for strategic planning to support your company's overall strategies from the creators of Human Resource Executive's 2010 Top Product, Aquire InSight.
Tags : workforce analytics, aquire, aquire insight, workforce analytics software, hr reports, hr metrics, hr trends, hr dashboard
By: Aquire     Published Date: Oct 07, 2011
Learn how you can overcome these five common and critical hurdles to execute effective compensation plans on time from workforce and talent management solution leaders, Aquire Inc.
Tags : aquire, aquire compensation, compensation planning, compensation management, compensation planning challenges, salary planning, payroll management, pay management
By: Aquire     Published Date: Feb 10, 2012
Learn how savvy business leaders and HR professionals are making data-driven decisions by leveraging the power of workforce analytics. This white paper walks you through common obstacles executives face when it comes to strategic workforce analysis.
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By: Adobe     Published Date: May 19, 2015
Profissionais de marketing que veem seus clientes por um caminho linear de funil não estão em contato com seus clientes. O caminho do cliente possui múltiplos canais, onde eles esperam que os profissionais de marketing lembrem de suas preferências e antecipem suas necessidades. Em Dez Maneiras que Marketing cross-channel Não é Ciência de Foguete, você aprenderá como conectar-se com seu cliente e alcançá-lo de forma personalizada e relevante - tudo com coleta de dados confiavéis.
Tags : cross-channel, você escolhe os canais, objetivos é fácil, ciência inacessível, clientes querem, precisa de tudo, aqui para ficar, search marketing
By: Oracle     Published Date: Apr 16, 2018
A rápida evolução da migração de on premise para a nuvem, alterou drasticamente o cenário do ERP para as empresas de todos os tamanhos. Independentemente do setor da sua organização, existem componentes-chave de um ERP moderno que devem abordar as principais preocupações da maioria das empresas ao considerar uma migração para a nuvem. Aqui elencamos os principais.
Tags : quais, sao, principais, caracteristicas, erp
By: Oracle     Published Date: Apr 16, 2018
Manter seu sistema local atual está cada vez mais indispensável, aqui mostramos dez razões para modernizar seus processos financeiros na nuvem.
Tags : erp, melhorar, processor, financeiros
By: Oracle     Published Date: Apr 16, 2018
Oracle Autonomus Database Cloud, lanzada en el Oracle Open World 2017, usa un revolucionario modelo de machine learning que elimina el error humano y los ajustes manuales, para habilitar un alto rendimiento, seguridad y disponibilidad sin precedentes a un costo mucho más bajo. ¡Aprende cómo funciona y por qué adoptarlo!
Tags : esta, aqui, nueva, generacion, bases, datos, lider, industria
By: Art Technology Group, Inc     Published Date: Feb 02, 2009
Written by: Forrester Research and Sponsored by:  Art Technology Group, Inc. In 2008, contextual, task-related help means more than a toll-free number on a booking page or a FAQ section on your Web site. It means being more relevant and personal and helping travelers in the channel they prefer immediately so they aren't driven to other channels - or worse, a competitor's site.
Tags : art technology group, travel ebusiness, interactive support, call center help, customer support, online chat, gen x, gen y
     Art Technology Group, Inc
By: iCims     Published Date: Oct 27, 2014
The "15 Tips for 2015" eBook will help you gain valuable insight into what your recruitment strategy is missing and what can set you up for success in 2015.
Tags : icims, recruiting, staffing, hiring, technology tips, recruitment, hr technology, technology candidates
By: IBM     Published Date: Feb 19, 2015
Read how Big Data and Analytics can help businesses deliver on customer needs, acquire customers, increase profitability and help retain the most valuable customers.
Tags : big data, business analytics, customer retention, customer aquisition
By: Acquirgy     Published Date: Dec 09, 2009
For 6 months we evaluated leading PPC technology platforms including Marin, Kenshoo, Aquisio, SearchForce, Omniture, Clicable and others. Using a SWOT analysis, we compared their capabilities for small clients, as well as clients spending more than $1 million a month. We also explored their value for both lead generation and ecommerce clients.
Tags : ppc, acquirigy, ecommerce, lead generation, swot analysis, kenshoo, marin, aquisio
By: Oracle     Published Date: Nov 21, 2013
Today's Grande Guide explores a cutting edge marketing practice: Content Marketing. Our guide pays special, but not exclusive, attention to the role content marketing can play for B2B businesses.
Tags : zenithoptimedia, oracle, eloqua, rules on content, content marketing, grande guide, customer aquisition, lead generation
By: Trapit     Published Date: Jun 02, 2016
In this book, you will find tips on: - Understanding your objectives and assessing your team's readiness - Assigning roles for your program - Developing a content strategy for sales - Training your team - Assessing your social selling program's progress
Tags : social selling, customer aquisition, trapit, social selling programs, content strategies, social media, internet marketing, sales
By: Trapit     Published Date: Jun 02, 2016
To be successful, sometimes you need to be pointed in the right direction. That’s where our cheat sheet comes in. It answers your burning questions – like these: - Why do sales reps need social selling? - What are the ground rules for social selling? - How do you set up your social profiles to attract buyers? - How do you write tweets and LinkedIn updates that will spark engagement? - How do you find your buyers on social networks?
Tags : social selling, customer aquisition, trapit, social selling programs, content strategies, social media, internet marketing, sales
By: AlienVault     Published Date: Oct 21, 2014
Have you ever wondered how the bad guys actually get control of a system? And, how they convert that system into a data-syphoning droid? Join AlienVault security engineer, Tom D'Aquino as he walks you through the steps of a system compromise and how detect these nefarious activities at every stage. You'll learn: • How attackers exploit vulnerabilities to take control of systems • What they do next to find & exfiltrate valuable data • How to catch them before the damage is done with AlienVault USM Using a real-world example of a common vulnerability, Tom will show you how AlienVault USM gives you the evidence you need to stop an attack in its tracks.
Tags : vulnerability, management, risk, prioritize, profile, environment, data, asset value
By: Trapit     Published Date: Apr 06, 2015
Every sales organization strives to acquire new customers, shorten its sales cycle, and grow lifetime value. Social selling can help you achieve those goals. But being successful with social selling takes planning. This workbook outlines what you need for a successful launch of a social selling program.
Tags : social selling, customer aquisition, trapit, social selling programs, content strategies, emerging marketing, business intelligence, market research
By: Symantec     Published Date: Nov 30, 2015
ALWAYS ONSSLComo uma das principais fornecedoras de certificados SSL, a Symantec está aqui para ajudar você a descobrir tudo o que é preciso saber sobre os benefícios do Always On SSL e como implementá-lo com sucesso.
Tags : 
By: Symantec     Published Date: Nov 30, 2015
El año pasado, un 7% de los españoles1 realizaron sus compras navideñas por Internet, así que es evidente que los vendedores tienen que poner a punto la maquinaria del comercio electrónico. Entre las compras en línea, la opción de reserva por Internet y recogida en tienda y las cartas a los Reyes, estas navidades se disparará el volumen de datos y de ventas. Así que tendrá que garantizar la seguridad de los clientes que visitan su sitio web si no quiere recibir carbón
Tags : 
By: Oracle Corp.     Published Date: Sep 07, 2012
San Joaquin County in California modernized a critical, but difficult to maintain, information systems infrastructure by transforming to BPM on a SOA foundation. San Joaquin County gained efficiency and greater visibility of mission-critical citizen
Tags : oracle, business process management, bpm, soa, service-oriented architecture, case study
     Oracle Corp.
By: SalesForce4Hire     Published Date: Feb 11, 2011
Performing marketing due diligence in M&A involves validating which products to be acquired will fit into an existing core sales channel and deciding how to optimally integrate these products. This white paper discusses four
Tags : medical device, aquisitions, mergers, salesforce4hire, sales strategy
By: CA Technologies EMEA     Published Date: May 25, 2018
CA Technologies esta perfectamente posicionada para ayudar a satisfacer esa creciente demanda con: Metodos nuevos y avanzados para la monitorizacion de microservicios, contenedores, la nube y arquitecturas centradas en API. Cuadros de mandos con una unica fuente fiable y total visibilidad de las transacciones en todos los canales digitales Metodos estadisticos y algoritmos probados para predecir problemas reales. Modelos de datos multidimensionales y asignaciones automatizadas para que los equipos puedan visualizar y gestionar el rendimiento. Puede obtener su copia gratuita del informe de Cuadrante Magico de Gartner para el conjunto de programas de monitorizacion del rendimiento de aplicaciones aqui.
Tags : ca technologies, monitorizacion, aplicaciones, programas
     CA Technologies EMEA
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