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certificate wifi

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By: Venafi     Published Date: Mar 26, 2015
Digital certificates have become vital to MDM/EMM, WiFi and VPN access for mobile-device-to-enterprise authentication. But most struggle to identify who has access, audit that access, and terminate access if needed. IT teams need a central certificate security platform that delivers issuance and distribution, visibility, and policy enforcement, as well as the control needed to terminate access.
Tags : digital certificates, mdm/emm, wi-fi, vpn, mobile devices, device-to-enterprise authentication, certificate security platform, mobility solutions
By: Ruckus Wireless     Published Date: May 05, 2016
Password-based (PEAP, TTLS) networks experience high rates of user disruption based on password changes. Disconnected devices try to connect back to the network causing severe user disruption. So, whatís the solution to this? Certificate-based wi-fi, of course!
Tags : ruckus wireless, wi fi, passwords, certificate wifi, user experience
     Ruckus Wireless
By: Ruckus Wireless     Published Date: May 05, 2016
Passwords kick Wi-Fiís @ss. About 40% of Help Desk tickets are password related, and some estimates are $118/student/year in password resets. Donít blame the Wi-Fi, fix the problem.
Tags : ruckus wireless, wifi, certificate wifi, passwords, help desk, education, higher ed
     Ruckus Wireless
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