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ibm spss statistics

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By: IBM     Published Date: Nov 08, 2013
IBM SPSS Statistics helps Assess Systems improve its candidate assessment instruments
Tags : ibm, uncovering assessment response, assess systems, evaluate assessment data, ibm spss statistics, job performance, test development, test research
By: IBM     Published Date: Sep 26, 2016
SPSS and open source seamlessly complement each other. With open source, IBM makes it easy to build your own extensions, adding new functionality to existing products. Coding is not required for the use of extensions. IBM offers an extensive library of already developed extensions that can be downloaded and used immediately.
Tags : ibm, ibm spss, open source, statistics, modeler, open source community
By: IBM     Published Date: May 12, 2017
In today’s world, the data is flowing from all directions: social media, phones, weather, location and sensor equipped devices, and more. Competing in this digital age requires the ability to analyze all of this data, and use it to drive decisions that mitigate risk, increase customer satisfaction and grow revenue. Using a combination of proprietary software and open source technology can give your data scientists and statisticians the analytical power they need to find and act on insights quickly. IBM® SPSS® Statistics provides all of the data analysis tools you need, and integrates with thousands of R extensions for maximum power and flexibility. In this next Data Science Central Webinar event, we will show how SPSS Statistics can help you keep up with the influx of new data and make faster, better business decisions without coding.
Tags : ibm, spss, data analysis, statistics, risk mitigation
By: IBM     Published Date: Sep 27, 2013
While spreadsheets are widely used for statistical analysis, they are useful only to a certain point. When used for a task they’re not designed to perform, or for a task beyond the limit of their capabilities, using spreadsheets can be risky. Read this paper to learn about more powerful yet easy-to-use analytics alternatives that may be more suitable.
Tags : ibm, spss statistics, spreadsheets, ibm business analytics, statistical analysis, data analysis, data entry
By: IBM     Published Date: Aug 24, 2016
Read this data sheet to discover tools and features available in the new release to help you accelerate and simplify your analysis.
Tags : ibm, spss, ibm spss, statistics, analytics, business applications
By: IBM     Published Date: Aug 24, 2016
Watch now to discover how IBM SPSS Statistics 24 can help you provide quick, insightful data analysis. Learn more about IBM SPSS.
Tags : ibm, analytics, spss, ibm spss, statistics, spss statistics
By: IBM     Published Date: Aug 24, 2016
Join IBM SPSS experts for an overview of the SPSS Modeler platform as they discuss how SPSS Modeler can help you meet modern analytical challenges.
Tags : ibm, analytics, spss, ibm spss, statistics, spss modeler, modeler
By: Group M_IBM Q1'18     Published Date: Feb 14, 2018
Using IBM SPSS Statistics and Modeler software with the R programming language provides more benefits than R alone.
Tags : spss, software, r programming, programming, statistics
     Group M_IBM Q1'18
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