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By: Thomson Reuters     Published Date: Mar 08, 2018
Although AI and big data have delivered advances in technology these past years which make remediation more manageable and more efficient, it’s important ensure that the solution you select, meets your particular requirements, addresses and meets your needs. Some jurisdictions require technology dealing with certain types of data to be hosted on-site; data hosting, exchange, protection and privacy can all affect the choice of solution or vendor. It’s common for companies to call out these specifics in their RFPs. Other considerations include the level of precision and recall (e.g., the accuracy) required to meet project needs, the setup time for a system, its implementation and the ability to support globally dispersed team members.
Tags : technology, financial, sector, database, thomson, reuters
     Thomson Reuters
By: Workday France     Published Date: Mar 08, 2018
Nous connaissons actuellement une révolution technologique sans précédent. Entre les appareils mobiles avec écrans tactiles interactifs, la 3D au cinéma et à la télévision, et la possibilité d’accéder à Internet presque n’importe où dans le monde, la technologie semble apporter de nouvelles solutions à presque tout. in•no•ver (verbe) : introduire une nouveauté (méthodes, idées ou produits) au sein de quelque chose d’établi. Pourtant, cette innovation semble avoir du mal à imprégner le monde des logiciels de gestion d'entreprise. Alors que le grand public utilise de plus en plus Internet pour trouver des informations et que les appareils sont de plus en plus simples à utiliser, les dirigeants ont toujours du mal à obtenir des informations précises et mises à jour sur la situation financière de leur société, même si toutes les données dont ils ont besoin sont disponibles dans leurs systèmes.
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     Workday France
By: Fiserv     Published Date: Mar 02, 2018
Does your company still rely on a time-consuming and error-prone manual approach to reconciliation? Does it consolidate multiple data sources from disparate systems to close the books? Find out how one of the top 10 multi-line insurers automated the reconciliation process for over 3,000 accounts, resulting in fewer errors and quicker close times. Plus, the insurer now has visibility into all reconciliation items rather than reviewing 300 different Excel reconciliation documents!
Tags : manual reconciliation, automated reconciliation for insurers, automated reconciliation, automated insurance reconciliation, automated reconciliation system, non-compliance, data reconciliation
By: Microsoft Office 365     Published Date: Mar 01, 2018
Your company's security vulnerabilities can be attacked in various ways, such as cyber attacks or intentional infractions from within. And an increasingly mobile world, with geographically dispersed workers working on different devices, the surface exposed to attacks is greater than ever. Get the free security e-book and find out how Microsoft 365 Enterprise can help you find and monitor security issues such as the following: Infractions from local and remote templates Intentional infractions from within External malicious sources
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     Microsoft Office 365
By: Oracle     Published Date: Mar 01, 2018
La nostra indagine indica nel complesso che la storia di IaaS sta diventando interessante e ha un ruolo preciso in uno scenario IT in evoluzione. Ci sono ancora dubbi e preconcetti, che vanno tuttavia scemando con la graduale adozione da parte delle aziende e il manifestarsi dei primi vantaggi. Nel complesso, la tecnologia IaaS è molto più facile da integrare di quanto non si creda: infatti quasi due terzi (64%) degli utenti di lungo corso indica che la migrazione è stata più semplice del previsto. È facile prevedere che il quadro sarà sempre più positivo con l’aumentare delle aziende che adottano le nuove soluzioni IaaS avanzate ora disponibili sul mercato.
Tags : iaas, imparare, service, infrastructure, oracle
By: Sprinklr     Published Date: Feb 28, 2018
"It’s more important than ever for brands to have comprehensive social media technology at their disposal. Simply buying a new solution, however, is just the beginning. Today’s brands must deploy social media software so that it allows the highest possible return on investment, empowers them to capture new opportunities, and manage the risks inherent in social media."
Tags : social media management software, social media management, social media technology, social tools, social media software, social media, social deployment, digital transformation
By: LogMeIn     Published Date: Feb 27, 2018
24/7 Self-Service Support Center: Bold360 ai’s 24/7 context driven support center was implemented, allowing users to instantly discover relevant content from the smart knowledge database. Dynamic FAQs displayed trending topics in real-time to speed up customer resolution and discoverability. Real-Time Customer Analytics highlight unanswered questions, giving Premium Credit instant visibility of missing topics, questions driving ticket volume, and more.
Tags : customer, support, faq, credit
By: Dell PC Lifecycle     Published Date: Feb 20, 2018
La gestión tradicional del ciclo de vida del PC es un proceso ineficiente y costoso para el negocio tanto en términos de tiempo como de dinero. La solución de PC como servicio (PCaaS) de Dell EMC transforma el enfoque de la infraestructura de TI que aplica la empresa. La solución PCaaS franquea el acceso a nuestra reconocida cartera de dispositivos cliente. Hemos buscado el hardware idóneo para cubrir las necesidades específicas de cada uno de los perfiles. Obtenga más información sobre las soluciones Dell con tecnología Intel®.
Tags : ahorre, tiempo, dinero, dell
     Dell PC Lifecycle
By: Dell PC Lifecycle     Published Date: Feb 20, 2018
Abbiamo individuato tre diversi tipi di dipendenti che rappresentano la forza lavoro moderna. Ciascun tipo ha esigenze specifiche in termini di hardware. In un contesto in cui il lavoro da remoto sta diventando un aspetto quotidiano del business moderno, il rischio che dati critici vengano compromessi aumenta notevolmente. La perdita dei dati può essere paralizzante, determinando perdita di opportunità di business, danneggiamento della reputazione e anche sanzioni punitive. Scopri di più sulle soluzioni Dell in collaborazione con Intel®.
Tags : risparmia, tempo, denaro, dell
     Dell PC Lifecycle
By: Limelight     Published Date: Feb 16, 2018
Websites are indispensable for many companies to build their profits, but as the threat of cyber attacks increases, websites can also be a serious risk factor. Therefore companies need to simultaneously develop both the convenience and security of websites. This whitepaper outlines the optimal solution for smartly achieving these two aims at the same time.
Tags : content delivery network, cybersecurity, ddos, waf, web application firewall, cdn, distributed denial of serivde, cloud security
By: Oracle     Published Date: Feb 15, 2018
La nostra indagine indica nel complesso che la storia di IaaS sta diventando interessante e ha un ruolo preciso in uno scenario IT in evoluzione. Ci sono ancora dubbi e preconcetti, che vanno tuttavia scemando con la graduale adozione da parte delle aziende e il manifestarsi dei primi vantaggi. Nel complesso, la tecnologia IaaS è molto più facile da integrare di quanto non si creda: infatti quasi due terzi (64%) degli utenti di lungo corso indica che la migrazione è stata più semplice del previsto. È facile prevedere che il quadro sarà sempre più positivo con l’aumentare delle aziende che adottano le nuove soluzioni IaaS avanzate ora disponibili sul mercato.
Tags : iaas, imparare, service, infrastructure, oracle
By: Monotype     Published Date: Feb 15, 2018
Technology is blurring geographic boundaries, bringing cultures together and connecting brands with consumers across the globe. But for brands trying to serve a global customer base, that can pose a real challenge. Fortunately, something as (seemingly) simple as fonts can help. This eBook highlights a few ways type can transform your global brand, as well as a few guidelines to help you get the conversation started.
Tags : branding, marketing best practices, branding best practices, customer experience, global brand, monotype, marketing, design
By: AstuteIT_ABM_EMEA     Published Date: Feb 12, 2018
En un momento en que las empresas pretenden emular la agilidad de desarrollo de las compañías de Internet e innovar en mercados muy competitivos, el desarrollo de las aplicaciones se ha hecho cada vez más complejo. Los ingentes códigos fuente monolíticos que tradicionalmente acompañan a las aplicaciones empresariales ralentizan el lanzamiento de nuevos servicios. Además, la dispersión y aislamiento de los equipos de desarrollo y de operaciones dificultan la coordinación. A eso hay que añadirle que los usuarios son cada vez más exigentes y las empresas deben escalar y monitorizar las implementaciones para poder ofrecer una experiencia satisfactoria y un gran rendimiento. Todo ello, desde luego, sin interrumpir los servicios.
Tags : microservicios, evolucion, arquitectura, aplicaciones, modernas
By: Epson Robotics Media     Published Date: Feb 09, 2018
Digital Elektronik kaufte für diesen Job vier Epson Roboter und diese Roboter beendeten die Aufgabe in nur wenigen Monaten. Seitdem hat Digital Elektronik die Roboter für neue Anwendungen eingesetzt, von denen einige ähnlich, andere jedoch recht verschieden waren. Darin zeigt sich, dass ihre flexiblen Einsatzmöglichkeiten ein wesentlicher Vorteil von Epson Robotern ist. Volker Spanier, Leiter von Factory Automation Epson Deutschland GmbH, sagt:„ Ich denke, dass dies ist ein hervorragendes Beispiel dafür ist, wie die Roboter von Epson die Effizienz von Produktionslinien verbessern und Aufgaben vollenden können, die von Hand vielleicht sogar unmöglich wären. Es ist auch großartig zu sehen, dass unsere Roboter für den Bau einer solch denkwürdigen Sehenswürdigkeit eingesetzt werden, die für lange Zeit fortbestehen wird“.
Tags : roboter, epson, bauen, winzige, uhren
     Epson Robotics Media
By: AstuteIT_ABM_EMEA     Published Date: Feb 02, 2018
À l’heure où les entreprises traditionnelles s’emploient à copier les pionniers d’Internet sur le terrain de l’agilité et de l’innovation, le développement d’applications devient de plus en plus complexe. Tout d’abord, les codes source monolithiques sur lesquels reposent traditionnellement les applications d’entreprise ralentissent le lancement de nouveaux services. Quant au cloisonnement et à la dispersion des équipes opérationnelles et de développement, ils provoquent un manque de coordination des actions de chacun en interne. Et pour couronner le tout, les utilisateurs sont plus exigeants que jamais sur les questions d’expérience et de performance. Les entreprises doivent donc assurer une scalabilité efficace et un suivi attentif de leurs environnements. Le tout, bien entendu, sur fond de disponibilité à 100 % des services.
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By: AstuteIT_ABM_EMEA     Published Date: Feb 02, 2018
Si prevede che la criminalità informatica possa costare all’economia globale fino a 6 trilioni di dollari nel 2021, rispetto ai 3 trilioni di dollari del 2016. Considerata da alcuni "la più grande minaccia per ogni azienda mondiale", ha alimentato il dibattito pubblico sulla sicurezza dei dati. Non solo a proposito del possibile sfruttamento criminale dei dati personali rubati ma anche del loro trattamento da parte delle aziende con cui abbiamo relazioni.
Tags : gdpr, l'impatto, della, normativa, sulla, gestione, dei, dati
By: AstuteIT_ABM_EMEA     Published Date: Feb 02, 2018
In un contesto dove le imprese cercano di replicare le modalità agili di sviluppo delle Internet company e di innovare in mercati altamente concorrenziali, lo sviluppo di applicazioni è diventato sempre più complesso. La grande mole di codice sorgente monolitico tradizionalmente alla base delle applicazioni aziendali rendono difficile avviare rapidamente nuovi servizi. Lo sviluppo distribuito e settorializzato e la distribuzione geografica dei team di sviluppo e di operations portano a problemi di allineamento aziendale. A tutto ciò si sommano le aspettative crescenti degli utenti, che rendono necessari un dimensionamento efficace e un monitoraggio costante delle distribuzioni per assicurare ai clienti prestazioni elevate e un’esperienza uniforme. E naturalmente, il tutto deve essere realizzato assicurando una disponibilità continua dei servizi.
Tags : microservizi, l'evoluzione, dello, sviluppo, applicazioni
By: QAD     Published Date: Jan 19, 2018
A indústria global farmacêutica continua a sofrer mudanças dramáticas. A indústria farmacêutica permanece dedicada à inovação, qualidade do produto e segurança do paciente, mas agora mais do que nunca, devem tratar do aumento de regulamentações, custos e pressões de reembolso. A globalização das redes de suprimento das farmacêuticas, respondendo as novas regulamentações como a Qualidade do Remédio e o Ato de Segurança e Dispositivo Único de Identificação (DUI) e gerenciamento de recalls e de drogas falsificadas somamse à complexidade de permanecer como uma industria líder das farmacêuticas
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By: SAS     Published Date: Jan 17, 2018
Consider the many ways that a customer encounters your brand – organic results on a search engine, display media campaigns, social media links, re-targeting on external sites, etc. One thing is certain – consumer journeys are far from linear. They can occur across multiple platforms, devices and browsers. The problem is that organizations are often constrained to channel-limiting decisions regarding their media investment allocations. Marketing attribution helps you analyze the impact and business value of company-generated marketing interactions to help make the best marketing investment decisions. The challenge is to interpret the massive volumes of customer data that continues to expand day by day.
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By: Epicor     Published Date: Jan 16, 2018
By now, mobile technology has become an essential part of people’s lives. As both consumers and staff trend more toward a younger, digitally savvy demographic, lumber and building materials (LBM) businesses need to take advantage of mobile tools or risk losing to the competition. Mobile technologies can bring incredible benefits to LBM enterprises for delivery and dispatch, field sales, the selling floor, and the warehouse. To better help you seize the mobile advantage, Epicor has identified eight ways your LBM business can leverage mobile technologies to foster growth, including: • Serving your customers with the latest information • Serving your customers with timely, accurate deliveries • Driving revenue with increased efficiency • Streamlining operations Check out this Epicor tipsheet and discover how else your LBM business can benefit from mobile technologies.
Tags : lumber, building materials, lbm, erp, bistrack, lumber distributors
By: ThousandEyes     Published Date: Jan 14, 2018
Steve Loyd, VP of Engineering Ops, uses ThousandEyes to gain visibility in application health and Internet service provider (ISP) performance.
Tags : thousandeyes, network performance, network intelligence
By: ThousandEyes     Published Date: Jan 14, 2018
Global design and engineering firm Atkins uses ThousandEyes to implement a 'cloud first' strategy, monitoring Office 365 user experience and performance from offices around the world.
Tags : thousandeyes, isp, office 365, cloud applications, cloud computing, network performance
By: ThousandEyes     Published Date: Jan 14, 2018
ThousandEyes monitors and solves application delivery problems throughout the Internet due to data center outages, ISP performance, CDN caching and DNS availability.
Tags : thousandeyes, application delivery, isp performance, network performance, network monitoring
By: MoreVisibility     Published Date: Dec 19, 2017
Each year Digital Marketing becomes more targeted and the available products get more detailed in terms of data advertisers can leverage with targeting. With search engines getting more sophisticated and collecting more user data, it’s important to make these considerations within your marketing strategy. Digital Marketing has changed from a few search engines and display networks to now include Social Media platforms, internet radio, video, algorithmic buying, and more. With all of these new tactics available, how can a business decide what is right for them and which channels will be most effective? Here, we will define what it takes to create an effective Digital Marketing Strategy and how we can navigate this complex marketing channel.
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