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By: Red Hat     Published Date: Feb 25, 2019
Dado que Red Hat es un partner de confianza para miles de clientes empresariales, proveedores de software, nube y hardware, y para la comunidad global de open source, una suscripción a Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® le otorga acceso directo a la innovación y el respaldo dentro de la comunidad de open source y de una red de partners certificada y confiable. La tecnología de open source de Red Hat promueve las innovaciones de la actualidad e impulsa los proyectos de tecnología emergente que darán forma al mundo del futuro. Más información.
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     Red Hat
By: Dell EMEA     Published Date: Mar 05, 2019
Le groupe Dell Technologies s’est récemment allié à l’IFTF (Institute for the Future) et à 20 experts du monde entier pour se projeter dans le futur, prévoir comment l’émergence de nouvelles technologies (telles que l’IA et l’Internet des objets, ou IoT) changera notre façon de vivre et de travailler d’ici à 2030, et recueillir des avis qui aideront les entreprises à traverser la prochaine décennie. Selon les experts, nous nous trouvons à la lisière de la prochaine ère des partenariats entre hommes et machines. En savoir plus sur les solutions Dell en collaboration avec Intel®.
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     Dell EMEA
By: Dell EMEA     Published Date: Mar 05, 2019
Dell Technologies ha recentemente collaborato con Institute for the Future (IFTF) e 20 esperti in tutto il mondo per fare una proiezione del futuro, prevedere come le tecnologie emergenti, ad esempio l’intelligenza artificiale (IA) e l’Internet of Things (IoT), cambieranno il modo in cui viviamo e lavoriamo entro il 2030 e raccogliere informazioni che aiuteranno le aziende a operare nel prossimo decennio. Gli esperti sono giunti alla conclusione che siamo sull’orlo di una nuova era in termini di collaborazione tra uomo e macchine. Scopri di più sulle soluzioni Dell in collaborazione con Intel®.
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     Dell EMEA
By: Juniper Networks     Published Date: Oct 19, 2015
The exponential growth of cloud continues, from the adoption of public and private cloud to the mass consumerization of IT and the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT). The rapid pace of this change is posing a challenge for your business, as increasing volumes of traffic place greater demands on network infrastructure.
Tags : network, data center, performance, iot, network infrastructure, cloud
     Juniper Networks
By: Workday Spain     Published Date: Feb 04, 2019
Lea en el informe de Deloitte información sobre los tres pasos fundamentales que ayudarán a las organizaciones emergentes a mejorar su plantilla: Redefinir las carreras profesionales como experiencias en lugar de considerarlas series de puestos Personalizar programas de capacitación del desempeño Seguir el ritmo de las innovaciones tecnológicas
Tags : workday, workforce technology, digital strategy
     Workday Spain
By: Pure Storage     Published Date: Oct 09, 2018
Digital technology is so intrinsic to our personal lives that we barely think about the fitness trackers and smartphones that are as much a part of us as the clothing we wear. For organizations, the shift to digital is more disruptive and the stakes far higher. Digital transformation has been high on the executive agenda for a few years and, for many, harnessing data has become a significant force for value and revenue creation. Agility has emerged as an organizational superpower as businesses grapple with change and uncertainty in their own customer bases and in the global political and economic landscape. IT has been thrust into the spotlight as the unwitting hero of the story – tasked with delivering on the digital vision, implementing all manner of applications and building firm infrastructure foundations to support the latest digital initiatives. In an increasingly on-demand world, it is this final point that often gets overlooked in the rush for the next shiny new technologies. E
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     Pure Storage
By: Dell PC Lifecycle     Published Date: May 21, 2018
Performing PC’s are critical to businesses’ productivity and competitiveness, but hardware refresh is often extended well beyond its due date as IT departments’ resources are stretched or diverted to more urgent business critical projects. PC as a service (PCaaS) has recently emerged as a new model for IT procurement and management, and according to IDC’s latest PCaaS survey, satisfaction among early adopters in Europe is strong.
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     Dell PC Lifecycle
By: Senn Delaney     Published Date: Aug 21, 2008
Mergers and acquisitions are a fact of life in today's highly competitive global business environment. Unfortunately, up to one third of mergers fail within five years, and as many as 80 percent never live up to their full potential. A great deal of evidence indicates that the ultimate success of mergers and the amount of time it takes to get them on track is determined by how well the cultural aspects of the transition are managed.
Tags : senn delaney, mergers, acquisitions, sbc, at&t, customer focused, brand management, customer-centric
     Senn Delaney
By: MobileIron     Published Date: Apr 28, 2016
Bienvenidos a la primera edición del Informe sobre Seguridad Móvil y Riesgos del MobileIron Security Labs (MISL). Este informe ofrece información sobre el estado de la situación general de la seguridad y las amenazas móviles, destaca los riesgos emergentes y recomienda modos de reforzar las implementaciones corporativas móviles.
Tags : mobile apps, best practices, mobileiron, phones
By: MobileIron     Published Date: Aug 03, 2016
In this edition we discuss emerging risks, report OS enterprise share, and list the top blacklisted consumer apps. We conclude with our recommendations for enterprises to protect their assets against mobile risks and threats. Several new mobile attacks have emerged that threaten enterprises. Most are re-using old tactics against mobilespecific services, such as SideStepper’s use of Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) against MDM, rather than employing new techniques or exploiting new vulnerabilities. When attacks against users are successful, they can result in the loss of both personal and business data.
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By: SAP SME     Published Date: Nov 02, 2017
Proporciona a los CIOs un marco para ejecutar objetivos existentes, emergentes o potencialmente nuevos relevantes para la transformación digital de la organización
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     SAP SME
By: ServiceNow     Published Date: Feb 24, 2017
At the highest level of organizations, a new management directive has emerged to meet the changed nature of customer demands and interactions as well as the need to differentiate within the market. This directive has one goal: providing a differentiated customer service experience. As products become increasingly commoditized, organizations can set themselves apart from their competitors by providing a unique customer service experience that creates a "relationship" based on intangible benefits that their customers will find hard to give up. While this vision is theoretically sound, it requires a significant tactical shift in business thinking and processes. The modern customer's habits and service requirements have changed radically. Meeting these needs challenges many historically held beliefs and practices regarding the customer and modes of interaction.
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By: JBoss Developer     Published Date: Feb 05, 2016
Perhaps the biggest transformation in enterprise IT since the public cloud emerged is the move toward “mobile-first” application development. As mobility continues to become the new enterprise standard, developers are looking for frameworks that provide the tools they need to create innovative mobile applications without sacrificing their existing investments. While there are proven, enterprise-ready frameworks and platforms for developing and deploying traditional desktop applications, the mobile application development landscape is still evolving. Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) attempts to fill the gap between traditional application platforms and mobile applications. It is the new middleware, exposing APIs and functions that enable developers to rapidly build new mobile apps and mobile-enable legacy enterprise applications.
Tags : jboss, red hat, gigaom, enterprise, mbaas platforms, cloud, mobile applications
     JBoss Developer
By: JBoss Developer     Published Date: Feb 05, 2016
Many larger enterprises have a variety of different integration technologies based on deep integration requirements or simply because consolidation failed in past. Hybrid² integration capabilities improve the interoperability and coexistence of multiple integration tools in merged scenarios.
Tags : jboss, redhat, forrester, wave, hybrid, integration. cloud computing, technologies
     JBoss Developer
By: Avi Networks     Published Date: Mar 06, 2019
Modern application architectures such as microservices are changing the way that modern enterprises run their infrastructure. Enterprises have become application-centric, investing significant effort and resources on continuous delivery goals and DevOps practices to achieve automation of routine IT and operations tasks. And now with the emergence of containerized applications, it is critical to re-evaluate how application services are provided across data centers and multiple cloud environments.
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     Avi Networks
By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Aug 22, 2017
The application economy has forced businesses to transform. To capture new growth opportunities, enterprises are opening up and sharing select data and applications with developers, partners, mobile devices, the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT). One of the byproducts of this transformation is the discovery that legacy data has value in the application economy—so much so that new revenue opportunities emerge as this data is used in new ways.
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     CA Technologies
By: CA Technologies EMEA     Published Date: Sep 07, 2018
Dans l’économie des applications, les sociétés sont poussées à déployer les applications plus rapidement, ce qui les amène à considérer les tests autrement. Alors qu’elles y voyaient autrefois des obstacles à la rapidité de DevOps, les entreprises prennent aujourd’hui le rythme grâce à l’émergence d’outils et de méthodes de test novateurs. Dans cet eBook, nous analysons quelques obstacles sur la route des tests en continu, mais aussi de nouvelles approches qui favorisent l’adoption de pratiques de test nouvelle génération permettant de tester plus tôt, plus souvent et de façon automatisée.
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     CA Technologies EMEA
By: CA Technologies EMEA     Published Date: Sep 11, 2018
Desde las empresas emergentes hasta las ya establecidas, los contenedores ayudan a satisfacer las demandas de un negocio digital moderno, puesto que son compatibles con aplicaciones portátiles, de rápida implementación y escalables de manera masiva. Principales motivos por los que incorporar los contenedores: -Coherencia -Flexibilidad -Modularidad -Ligereza
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     CA Technologies EMEA
By: VMware     Published Date: Oct 12, 2018
Since Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) emerged as a breakthrough technology, it has continued to gain taction as it has truly delivered on its promise. It has helped organizations optimize resources, reduce complexity, lower costs, increase agility and accelerate development cycles, as well as provide a seamless path to hybrid cloud. These are just a few of the key benefits causing IT leaders pay close attention to HCI and look at ways to use it to power key initiatives such as digital transformation. As IT leaders continue to embrace HCI and the market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 42% through 2023, the future is happening now. Submit the form to read our latest whitepaper and discover 5 powerful HCI case studies around Business critical applications, Hybrid Cloud/Multicloud, Disaster recovery, Edge computing, Container and App Development.
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By: VMware     Published Date: Dec 14, 2018
With the rapid rise of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), many different solutions have emerged with varying levels of features and innovation. As an IT decision-maker, you have to evaluate what HCI solution makes sense for your organisation. In this whitepaper, we make that process easier by outlining the three vital requirements you must have now in order to maximise the value of your HCI. With a little help, your next HCI investment will increase agility, reduce complexity and support your next generation IT environment. Please enter your details to access the whitepaper.
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By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Aug 24, 2017
L’économie des applications oblige les entreprises à se transformer. Pour saisir de nouvelles opportunités de croissance, elles s’ouvrent sur l’extérieur et partagent des données et applications sélectionnées avec des développeurs, des partenaires, des appareils mobiles, le Cloud et l’Internet des objets. Cette transformation contribue à redonner de la valeur aux données héritées : dans l’économie des applications, une organisation qui parvient à exploiter ces données d’une nouvelle manière pourra faire émerger de nouvelles opportunités de revenus.
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     CA Technologies
By: IBM     Published Date: Jan 09, 2017
This report from IBM Emergency Response Services discusses four key trends in cybersecurity based on field experience in responding to client security incidents.
Tags : ibm, security, services operations, ibm emergency response services, cybersecurity, cyber crime
By: HP - Enterprise     Published Date: Jun 05, 2013
The year 2011 ended with a staggering 5.9 billion mobile phone subscriptions, especially significant considering that the total world population is around 7.011 billion. Of course, a direct comparison is not fair since many people have multiple subscriptions, but it represents a window into the pervasiveness of these devices and how they are an integral part of people’s lives today. For enterprises, this also represents the impending end to the old computing era and the emergence of the mobile worker. Enabling mobility in the workplace is a top-of-mind goal for decision-makers within every organization. This necessity is brought about by the consumerization of IT and the requirement to develop policies to manage the “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) trend.
Tags : mobile phones, mobility, it management
     HP - Enterprise
By: Tellabs     Published Date: Mar 23, 2012
Tellabs' white paper helps you find the right packet syntonization/synchronization solution for your LTE network. Learn how to migrate smoothly to IEEE 1588v2-based syntonization and how to support phase synchronization once final standards emerge.
Tags : deploy, tellabs, network migration, migration, synchronization, ethernet, backhaul, backhaul network
By: Teradata     Published Date: Jan 30, 2015
Hadoop is the rising star of the business technology agenda for a simple reason — it disrupts the economics of data, analytics, and someday soon, all enterprise applications; it is secretly becoming an application platform too. Application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals should be aware of and take action on these eight predictions, including the disruptive power of “Hadooponomics,” Hadoop’s current killer app, the closing data management gap, and the emergence of brand new distros.
Tags : hadoop, hadoop adoption, cornerstone, business technology, hadooponomics, enterprise adoption, applications
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