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By: 3D Systems     Published Date: Feb 28, 2019
Combining the right people, hardware, and software to ensure quality everywhere Quality and reliability matter more than ever. In today’s hypercompetitive environment, companies can’t afford to lag behind when it comes to the quality of their products. And management can’t lag behind when it comes to adopting new tools and technologies to ensure quality everywhere. Over the past two decades, 3D scanning has become a crucial tool in many manufacturers’ measurement and inspection arsenals. It’s an effective metrology technique that is trusted for its accuracy, reliability, speed, and ease of use. Its noncontact nature and exceptional flexibility make it ideal for measuring a wide range of parts in a wide range of places. An effective approach to 3D scanning requires matching the right people with the right hardware and the right software to best meet your company’s measurement needs. This eBook will help you determine if 3D scanning is right for your inspection needs, and if it is, how b
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     3D Systems
By: 3D Systems     Published Date: Feb 28, 2019
Persone, hardware e software giusti per garantire la qualità sempre La qualità e l'affidabilità non sono mai state così important come ora. Nell'odierno ambiente ipercompetitivo le aziende non possono permettersi di rimanere indietro circa la qualità dei loro prodotti. E non si può tornare indietro quando si tratta di adottare nuovi strumenti e tecnologie per garantire la qualità sempre. Negli ultimi due decenni la scansione 3D è diventata uno strumento cruciale nella fase di misurazione e ispezione in manifattura. È una tecnica metrologica in cui si nutre fiducia per la sua accuratezza, affidabilità, velocità e facilità di utilizzo. La sua natura "senza contatto" e la sua eccezionale flessibilità la rendono ideale per la misurazione di una vasta gamma di parti in una grande varietà di situazioni. Un approccio efficiente alla scansione 3D consiste nel trovare l'hardware e il software adatti per ogni utente in modo da soddisfare meglio le esigenze di misurazione dell'azienda. Questo eBo
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     3D Systems
By: Cisco     Published Date: Jan 29, 2009
Traditional purchasing habits and brand loyalties are a thing of the past. They've grown accustomed to shopping and interacting with businesses over the Internet. They want personalized service and satisfying experience. Learn what you can do to keep up with these trends.
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By: DocuSign     Published Date: Aug 09, 2016
Too often, finalizing a sale can turn into a time consuming nightmare full of tedious paperwork. After the verbal yes, sales reps and operations folks spend several days formalizing and completing the order. Your time is spent conducting repetitive administrative tasks rather than achieving revenue goals. Between the fax machine, scanner, and printer, you finally send the contract for approval to the various parties, but now you find yourself playing the waiting game.
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By: Symantec     Published Date: Aug 09, 2013
Symantec, Corp. commissioned Tolly to benchmark the performance of its new Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 12.1 within VMware vSphere 5 virtual environments vs. agentless and agent-based solutions from competing vendors. Specifically, this testing focused on the system resource requirements of each solution when performing on-demand and on-access scanning functions, and during distributed virus definition updates.
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By: Intel     Published Date: Apr 11, 2019
Hospitals produce 50 petabytes of data per year.1 A staggering 90 percent of that is medical imaging, and 50 percent of medical imaging data is from X-ray scanners.2 This is a flood of data for radiology departments, resulting in potentially long turn-around-time (TAT)—even when the scan is considered stat. In critical conditions, such as pneumothorax, escalation of interpretation is essential to accelerate treatment.
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