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By: Hewlett Packard Enterprise     Published Date: Sep 26, 2017
Take our 3-minute quiz to gauge your readiness to move to an all flash data center.
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     Hewlett Packard Enterprise
By: Akamai Technologies     Published Date: Sep 11, 2017
How safe is your customer's sensitive data? Is your organization protected from credential stuffing? Take Akamai's interactive security quiz and discover more about credential stuffing and how to protect your business.
Tags : customer security, credential protection, akamai
     Akamai Technologies
By: Concerto Cloud Services     Published Date: Dec 18, 2015
Download this quiz-style infographic and find out the best cloud type for your organization's solution.
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     Concerto Cloud Services
By: Cisco Umbrella EMEA     Published Date: May 24, 2019
Every good story needs a villain — and the world of network security has plenty of them. We’ve got a fun new diversion for you for when you need a break from fighting the bad guys. Test your malware IQ (and your knowledge of fairy tales) by taking our quiz, Malware or Maleficent?
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     Cisco Umbrella EMEA
By: Cisco Umbrella EMEA     Published Date: May 24, 2019
Do you know DNS Security? Users are working off-hours, off network and off VPN. Are you up on all the ways DNS can be used to secure them? Test your knowledge.
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     Cisco Umbrella EMEA
By: Okta     Published Date: Mar 03, 2017
Host Jon Collins from The Register will be quizzing Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics and Nadav Benbarak, from Okta, to understand just how far things have come and, most importantly, what to do about them.
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By: Frontier Communications     Published Date: Jul 18, 2017
What type of IT-PRO-INNER-GEEK are you? Take this quiz to find out.
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     Frontier Communications
By: IBM     Published Date: Dec 30, 2008
Is your current data warehouse meeting the needs of your business? Take this self-assessment quiz to understand how optimized, simple and flexible your solution is today and learn what next steps are recommended to establish a warehouse solution that can easily grow with your demands and bring greater business value.
Tags : ibm, data warehouse, warehouse assessment tool, warehouse solution
By: Fitbit     Published Date: Mar 16, 2017
"Creating a wellness program at your company can be difficult when you're unsure what motivates your workforce. Whether you have a current wellness program in place, or you're just starting out, take this quiz to better understand how to motivate and engage your workforce. Once you've completed the quiz, be sure to download a free playbook that reveals what makes your employees tick.
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By: McAfee     Published Date: Nov 12, 2014
This infographic outlines the results of the McAfee Phishing Quiz.
Tags : mcafee email phishing quiz, email phishing, spear phishing, security
By: ScriptLogic     Published Date: Mar 30, 2012
Let's face it, not everyone's Active Directory is a well-behaved, well-oiled machine. Test your directory's attitude and your management maturity with our quick Personality Quiz!
Tags : active directory, auditing, native tools, centralized, data, secure, database
By: Bloofusion     Published Date: Mar 01, 2010
Use the ten tough questions to quiz and help select your next SEO firm more effectively. Whether you are a CMO at billion dollar software firm or running your own online enterprise, at some point optimizing your site for discovery and favorable ranking by search engines for the terms that result in lead generation or purchase will become a priority.
Tags : bloofusion, ecommerce, url, ids, seo, cookie, optimization, tags
By: Dell Software     Published Date: Jul 18, 2012
Take the Active Directory management quiz!
Tags : quiz, active sirectory, microsoft, directory service, server, domain controller, enforce security, powershell
     Dell Software
By: Dell Software     Published Date: Jul 18, 2012
Rate your asset management maturity
Tags : asset management, technology, quiz, personality
     Dell Software
By: Dell Software     Published Date: Jul 18, 2012
Take the Server Security Management Quiz
Tags : secure copy, enterprise security reporter, security explorer, active directory, quiz, server security, scriptlogic, server data
     Dell Software
By: Dell Software     Published Date: Jul 18, 2012
Test your desktop management skills
Tags : desktop management, personality quiz, scriptlogic, skills, white paper, quiz, management, technology
     Dell Software
By: Dell Software     Published Date: Jul 18, 2012
Rate your help desk
Tags : technology, help desk, personality quiz, management
     Dell Software
By: Dell Software     Published Date: Jul 18, 2012
Test your privilege management skill
Tags : technology, help desk, privilege management, personality, management, customer
     Dell Software
By: Dell Software     Published Date: Oct 01, 2012
Take a fun security management quiz!
Tags : security management, desktop management, servers
     Dell Software
By: Staples     Published Date: Jan 22, 2018
You might be spending more than you think on shipping supplies and replenishment. Take our quiz to gain insight and find out how to uncover hidden costs.
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By: HotSchedules     Published Date: Feb 06, 2018
White Paper Published By: HotSchedules Newk's Eatery has quarterly limited time offers which means they change their menu quite often. It was always a great challenge for them to communicate from corporate to the store level. With Clarifi Talent Development, it became easy. In Newk’s Online Academy, they put their guide, along with a video, that provides the process to prep and how to assemble the dish on the line. Then, each employee takes an interactive quiz and becomes certified. Read the full success story now to find out how HotSchedules helped Newk's Eatery solve their business challenges.
Tags : restaurant, corporate, hotschedules, business, challenges
By: Cisco Umbrella EMEA     Published Date: Feb 06, 2019
A stimulating quiz that simultaneously tests your knowledge of malware and Cisco's latest technology. Are you ready?
Tags : 
     Cisco Umbrella EMEA
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